About me

Hi. I’m Rick LePage, and I run Printerville. I love everything about printers, paper, ink and printing. I have been playing with them, writing about them, and using them for more than three decades1I wrote my first color inkjet printer review for MacWEEK in 1987 or 1988, on some long forgotten printer from Sharp—very bad, as I recall—and one of the first solid-ink printers, from Howtek—the fumes from which made me sick., so I would like to think that I know more than a little bit about them.

Of course, the world of printers is a big one, and I have chosen to focus largely on photo printers for amateur and professional photographers. Printerville offers unbiased news, reviews, technology discussions and more. I am not affiliated with any printer manufacturer, paper supplier or other company in this market.

Printerville is part of the CDP Press network of sites, which includes the Complete Digital Photography website. Originally published from 2007 to 2011, Printerville was restarted in 2021 to deal with a resurgence in photo printing among photographers. My goal is to cover photo printing options from simple options for the desktop to the higher end wide-format printers designed for gallery-ready prints. (If you’re interested about why I restarted Printerville, check out my blog post, Oh, hey … Printerville.)

Printerville is entirely reader-supported, primarily through the purchase of books, workshops and courses (here, or through completedigitalphotography.com). When you buy via an affiliate link, I may earn a small commission.